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Remedies in Astrology for a Harmonious Life

Astrology, the ancient science that connects the celestial and terrestrial realms, not only provides insights into our lives but also offers remedies to balance cosmic energies.

Dr B K Thirupathi Raja, a professional astrologer from BK Astro, Chennai  explores the diverse array of remedies in astrology, from temple visits to the use of gemstones, showcasing how these practices can positively influence our destinies.


Temple Remedies

Temples have long been regarded as sacred spaces that radiate spiritual energy. Astrology suggests that visiting specific temples dedicated to particular deities can alleviate planetary afflictions and bring about positive changes. Devotees often engage in rituals, prayers, and offerings as prescribed by astrologers, seeking divine intervention to harmonize their life’s journey.


Gemstones are believed to embody the energies of specific planets, and wearing them can balance or enhance these planetary influences. Astrologers recommend gemstones based on an individual’s birth chart, suggesting stones like sapphires, rubies, or emeralds to counteract malefic planetary positions. Gemstone therapy aims to align the wearer with positive cosmic vibrations, promoting well-being and prosperity.

Donating Things

Astrology emphasises the karmic aspect of life, and donating specific items during prescribed periods is considered an effective remedy. Donating food, clothing, or other items associated with a particular planet or deity can mitigate negative influences and create positive karmic impressions. This practice is believed to not only appease the celestial forces but also contribute to the well-being of society.


Mantras, sacred chants with profound vibrational frequencies, play a significant role in astrological remedies. Each planet has its associated mantra, and chanting these mantras regularly can invoke positive energies. Astrologers often prescribe specific mantras based on an individual’s astrological profile, enabling them to attune themselves to the cosmic vibrations and alleviate the impact of adverse planetary configurations.


Yantras are geometric diagrams infused with divine energies, representing specific deities or planets. Astrologers recommend the use of yantras as powerful tools for remedial purposes. Individuals may install yantras in their homes or workplaces, meditating upon them to invoke positive energies and protect against malefic influences. The intricate patterns of yantras are believed to amplify spiritual energies, fostering harmony in various life aspects.

Astrology, with its deep-rooted connection to the cosmic order, offers a plethora of remedies to navigate life’s challenges.

From temple remedies to gemstone therapy, donating items, chanting mantras, and utilising yantras, these practices provide a holistic approach to achieving cosmic balance.

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