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Right ways to attain Royal Rajayogam

Rajayogam in astrology refers to auspicious combinations of planetary positions that are believed to bring positive and favorable results in different aspects of life.

Professional astrologer Dr B K Thirupathi Raja at BK Astro says that different astrological traditions may have variations in their interpretations of Rajayogam.

Here’s a brief overview of how Rajayogam is associated with the mentioned categories:

Political Career

Rajayogam in political astrology indicates the favorable combination of planets that influences an individual’s rise in political life. This could involve a strong and well-placed Sun (representing authority and leadership), Jupiter (representing wisdom and expansion), or other benefic planets.

Actor & Actress

For individuals aspiring to a career in acting, Rajayogam in this context involves a combination of planets influencing creativity, fame, and artistic abilities. A strong influence of Venus (representing arts, beauty, and creativity) and the Moon (representing emotions and public appeal) is considered favorable.

Share Market

Rajayogam related to the share market might involves a beneficial combination of planets that is thought to bring financial success in investments. Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are often associated with financial gains, and their positive influence in the birth chart is considered indicative of success in the stock market.


Winning in the lottery is often considered a matter of luck, and astrologically, Rajayogam for lottery success involves a combination of factors like a strong and fortunate placement of Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune.

Consulting with a qualified astrologer who can analyze an individual’s birth chart in detail is recommended for a more personalized and accurate interpretation.

Ancestral Property

Celestial configurations at the time of an individual’s birth can influence their destiny, including matters related to wealth and property. Specific astrological combinations indicate favourable periods for pursuing legal endeavours, such as claiming ancestral property.

According to certain astrological schools of thought, specific planetary combinations are indicative of favourable conditions for success in legal matters. Rajayogam astrology, in particular, may provide insights into periods where one is more likely to experience positive outcomes in their pursuit of ancestral property claims.

For those deeply invested in astrology, consulting with a professional astrologer like Dr B K Thirupathi Raja at BK Astro can provide personalised insights and guidance.

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