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The joy of child birth through astrology

Bringing a new life into the world is a momentous journey, and for centuries, cultures across the globe have sought guidance from astrology to unravel the mysteries surrounding childbirth.

Professional astrologer Dr B K Thirupathi Raja at BK Astro speaks about the intriguing realms of child birth astrology, delving into topics such as fertility problems, second child astrology, pregnancy astrology, adoption child astrology, and even the concept of choosing the best birth date for Cesarean.

Fertility Problem

For many couples, the path to parenthood may be fraught with challenges, and fertility problem astrology offers a unique perspective. Astrologers often analyse the positions of celestial bodies in a person’s birth chart to identify potential hurdles in conceiving. Planetary aspects, transits, and the lunar cycle are scrutinised to gain insights into the individual’s reproductive health. Remedial measures based on astrological principles, such as gemstone recommendations and ritualistic practices, are often suggested to alleviate fertility issues.

Second Child

Expanding one’s family to welcome a second child is a significant decision, and astrology provides a lens through which couples can navigate this journey. The positioning of planets during specific transits and the compatibility of the couple’s birth charts play a pivotal role in understanding the auspicious times for conceiving a second child. Astrologers may offer advice on strengthening familial bonds and ensuring harmony within the household, contributing to a smooth transition as the family grows.


The nine months of pregnancy are a magical period, and astrology offers a unique perspective on the cosmic influences during this transformative time. The mother’s birth chart, the transits during conception, and the positioning of the Moon are scrutinised to gain insights into the potential challenges and joys of pregnancy. Astrologers may also provide guidance on choosing auspicious dates for childbirth, fostering a positive energy for both the mother and the newborn.

Adoption Child Astrology

For those considering adoption, astrology can be a guiding light in understanding the cosmic alignment between the adopting parents and the prospective child. By analysing the birth charts of both parties, astrologers can offer insights into the potential dynamics, challenges, and harmonies within the adopted family. This unique approach allows parents to navigate the complexities of adoption with a cosmic perspective, fostering a deeper understanding of the familial bonds being forged.

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