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Harnessing Astrology to overcome bad habits

Embarking on a journey to break free from detrimental habits can be a challenging endeavour. For those seeking unconventional yet insightful guidance, astrology offers a unique lens through which to understand and overcome habits such as alcohol consumption, drug use, smoking, and negative thought patterns.

Dr B K Thirupathi Raja, a professional astrologer from BK Astro  speaks about the perspectives associated with each of these habits, shedding light on potential strategies for transformation and self-improvement.


Astrologers often associate habits related to alcohol consumption with the influence of Neptune. Known as the planet of illusion and escapism, Neptune’s positions in an individual’s birth chart may shed light on predispositions towards overindulgence. During challenging Neptune transits, individuals may find themselves more susceptible to the allure of alcohol as a means of escape.

To overcome alcohol-related habits, astrology encourages focusing on strengthening one’s connection with reality. Grounding practices, such as mindfulness meditation, can be particularly beneficial during these times. Seeking support from friends, family, or professionals is also crucial for navigating this journey.


Similar to alcohol habits, drug-related issues may be associated with Neptune’s influence, as well as the positioning of Pluto, which is linked to transformation and deep psychological processes. Individuals facing challenges with drugs may find that specific planetary transits trigger heightened vulnerabilities.

Astrologers often recommend utilising transformative periods to channel energies into healthier pursuits. This might involve exploring creative outlets, engaging in therapeutic practices, and seeking professional counseling to address underlying issues. By redirecting the transformative energy positively, individuals can pave the way for lasting change.


In astrology, the habit of smoking is often associated with the influence of Mercury and its connection to communication and the respiratory system. Individuals with challenging Mercury aspects may find themselves more prone to taking up smoking as a coping mechanism.

To overcome smoking habits, astrology suggests cultivating healthier means of self-expression and communication. Engaging in activities that enhance lung health, such as regular exercise and deep-breathing exercises, can contribute to the journey of breaking free from smoking. As with any habit, seeking support from a network of friends, family, or professionals is invaluable.

Bad Thoughts

Negative thought patterns, often linked to mental health struggles, can be explored through the lens of astrology as well. The positions of Saturn and Pluto in an individual’s birth chart may provide insights into challenges related to self-worth, resilience, and transformation.

To combat negative thought patterns, astrology encourages embracing periods of self-reflection and self-compassion. Seeking therapeutic support and incorporating mindfulness practices can aid in breaking the cycle of negative thinking. Additionally, connecting with positive influences, such as supportive friends and uplifting activities, can contribute to the cultivation of a healthier mindset.

Astrology serves as a unique tool for self-discovery and personal development. While it cannot replace professional guidance and support, it offers valuable insights into the cosmic influences that may shape our habits.

By harnessing the wisdom of astrology alongside practical strategies and support networks, individuals can embark on a transformative journey to break free from detrimental habits and cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Seek the help of Dr B K Thirupathi Raja from BK Astro  to overcome bad habits.

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