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Leading astrologer in Chennai Jyothish Aacharya Dr.B K Thirupathi Raja offers practical and simple solutions for happy and wealthy life*

Astrologer Dr B K Thirupathi Raja of BK Astro, a man who specialises in Vedic astrology and Vastu Shastra, is on a mission to use his astro knowledge for the benefit of people. Without the motive of making money, he offers practical and simple solutions for happy and wealthy life.

In tune with the technology, he has also launched a website bkastro.com to provide high-quality and affordable services in astrology. He also offers his services over phone.

Dr B K Thirupathi Raja said that the goal of providing astrological predictions online is to save clients’ time and money.

The various services offered by BK Astro includes Horoscope, Marriage Matching, Choosing of Name, Remedies for one year, Vasthu, Prasanna Jathagam, Business names, Monthly advice and Energy scanner.

Dr B K Thirupathi Raja is an expert in Vedic Astrology and is the best prasannam astrologer in Chennai.

With more than 15 years of experience in Vastu Shastra, he is one of the best Vastu consultants in Chennai. He is also an expert in Numerology.

One of the major positives of BK Astro is the customer service provided to ensure credibility.

Dr B K Thirupathi Raja is the best josiyar in Chennai and provides excellent astrology advice using his skills to ensure customer satisfaction.

Fondly known as the Best Vedic Astrologer in Chennai, Dr B K Thirupathi Raja was born and raised in Srivaikuntam. He was interested in Astrology right from his childhood and started his own office in 2011 after learning from his Guru Sithayogi Sivadhasan Ravi.

As of now, he has guided more than 20,000 clients and has changed their life for good.

Dr.B K Thirupathi Raja believes that astrology is one of the most powerful techniques for analysing planetary positions and making adjustments accordingly in people’s lives, helping them find peace, happiness, joy, or a solution.

However, he says that astrology works only when it is trusted with unconditional faith.

An astrologer must uphold a high quality of spiritual discipline in order to read horoscopes and subsequently offer guidance on how to best address life’s challenges from a spiritual perspective. BK Vedic Astrology in Chennai is the right place for this.

BK Astro is located at No. 200, Durga Colony Velachery – Tambaram Main Road, Opp. Alpha Matriculation School, Sembakkam, Chennai – 600 073

For further details, contact 62629 59556/90037 16416.


To decode the cosmic dance, revealing the symphony of life’s journey through planetary alignments. With each birth chart, we unveil the map of individuality, tracing the threads of fate woven in the cosmic tapestry. Let astrology be your compass, navigating the vast expanse of the universe, illuminating paths of self-discovery and understanding.

In the vast canvas of the cosmos, astrology envisions a tapestry where every soul is a unique constellation, weaving its narrative amidst the celestial dance. It sees beyond the mundane, delving into the depths of human experience, offering insights into the patterns of existence. Astrology’s vision extends beyond the horizon, embracing the interconnectedness of all beings with the universe, fostering harmony and enlightenment. It beckons us to gaze upwards, to find meaning in the cosmic symphony, and to embrace our place within its grand design.

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