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Horoscope and Astrology Predictions


Astrology has been a captivating and ancient  


Embarking on a business venture is a journey filled


Rajayogam in astrology refers to auspicious ..

Unlocking the Future: Where Stars Illuminate Your Destiny

Welcome to BK Astro , where ancient wisdom meets modern guidance. Our team of experienced astrologers brings centuries-old Vedic traditions to provide insightful consultations tailored to your unique journey in India.

Through the lens of astrology, we offer personalized consultations to help you navigate life’s challenges, make informed decisions, and unlock your fullest potential. Whether you seek clarity in career, relationships, health, or personal growth, our consultations offer profound insights rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian astrological tradition.

At Bk Astro we honor the cosmic connections that shape our lives and empower you to embrace the opportunities and challenges that come your way. Let us guide you on your path to self-discovery, harmony, and fulfillment. Schedule a consultation today and embark on a journey of transformation with us.

Future Predication
Asset Astrology


Astrology, an ancient practice dating back thousands of years, has long been used as a tool for gaining insights into the future. Astrology has endured the test of time and continues to captivate the imaginations of millions around the world.


Just as the positions of planets at the time of your birth can influence your personality, they are also believed to play a role in shaping your career path.


Investing based solely on astrology can be risky, as financial markets are influenced by a multitude of factors beyond celestial movements.

Asset Astrology

In the ever-evolving landscape of personal finance, individuals are constantly seeking ways to optimise their investments and secure their financial future.

With My TeamYou Can Dream

Future Point is a well-known astrology website that offers a wide range of astrology services including horoscope predictions, gemstone recommendations, Vastu consultations, and online courses in astrology.

Financial Fortunes - Astrology






Debt Payment




Emergency Fund

Travel Entertainment


Financial Freedom

These are common expenses that many family men face, but the specific list may vary depending on individual circumstances, location, lifestyle, and family size. It’s essential to budget carefully and prioritize spending based on your family’s needs and financial goals.

Numerology - Astrology


BK Astro of experienced numerologists specializes in the ancient wisdom of numerology, an age-old practice that assigns significance to numbers and their vibrations. By analyzing the unique numerical patterns present in your birth date and name, we can unveil the hidden influences shaping your life and provide valuable insights into your personality, strengths, challenges, and opportunities.


Our expert numerologists will craft personalized readings tailored to your specific needs and inquiries. Whether you’re seeking guidance on love, career, finances or personal growth

Name Analysis

Explore the hidden meanings behind your name and how it influences your personality and destiny. Our name analysis services will unveil the powerful vibrations embedded in your name and provide guidance

Life Path Analysis

Discover your life path number and gain profound insights into your innate talents, strengths, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Our in-depth analysis will help you 

Forecasting & Timing

Gain insight into the energetic cycles influencing your life and the optimal times for making important decisions or embarking on new ventures. Our forecasting and timing services will help you 

Compatibility Reports

Curious about your compatibility with a partner, friend, or colleague? Our numerology compatibility reports will analyze the numerical harmony between you and others, 

Personal Growth

Beyond predictions and insights, we are committed to empowering you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Our numerology readings are designed to inspire and uplift,

Thread Protection - Astrology

Hospital Issues

When it comes to health matters, astrology offers insights into potential hospitalizations. 

Property Astrology

Believe it or not, astrology plays a role in property matters. Property astrology involves examining .

Court - Case Astrology

Legal matters can be complex, but astrology offers a unique perspective on court cases.

Health Predictions

Astrology goes beyond general health horoscopes; it can offer specific predictions for health issues

Prediction for Heart Attack

Certain planetary alignments are associated with health concerns like cancer or heart attacks.

Remedies for Health Issues

Astrology not only predicts health issues but also provides remedies to mitigate their impact. 

Remedies - Astrology

Unlock the Secrets of the Stars with our Personalized Astrology Readings

Astrology, the ancient science that connects the celestial and terrestrial realms, not only provides insights into our lives but also offers remedies to balance cosmic energies. Leading Astrologer in Chennai Jyothish Acharya Dr.B.K.THIRUPATHI RAJA.PhD a professional astrologer from BK Astro, Chennai  explores the diverse array of remedies in astrology, from temple visits to the use of gemstones, showcasing how these practices can positively influence our destinies.

Temple Remedies


Donating Things



Our Astrology







Business Consulting


Astrologers often associate habits related to alcohol consumption with the influence of Neptune. Known as the planet of illusion and escapism, Neptune’s positionLearn


Similar to alcohol habits, drug-related issues may be associated with Neptune’s influence, as well as the positioning of Pluto, which is linked to transformation and deep 


In astrology, the habit of smoking is often associated with the influence of Mercury and its connection to communication and the respiratory system. 

Bad Thoughts

Negative thought patterns, often linked to mental health struggles, can be explored through the lens of astrology as well. The positions of Saturn and Pluto in an 

Education - Astrology


We believe that understanding astrological influences from an early age can empower both children and parents to navigate the educational journey with confidence and foresight. Join us as we explore how astrology can be a valuable tool for nurturing young minds and fostering academic success.

Children’s Studies >

Education Astro >

Higher Study >

Master Study >

Family - Astrology

Aligning Stars, Building Stronger Families

Family astrology typically involves analyzing the astrological charts of family members to understand dynamics, relationships, and potential challenges within the family unit. Each individual’s birth chart can provide insights into their personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and how they interact with other family members.

Love Astrology

Love is a universal force that transcends boundaries and shapes 

Marriage Astroogy

Astrology, an ancient practice that explores the celestial influence on human affairs, 

Child Astrology

Bringing a new life into the world is a momentous journey, and for centuries, cultures 


Our Testimonials !

Karthik SRKarthik SR
08:56 05 Mar 24
I consulted over phone and it was an experience mixed with counselling for positive thinking apart from my horoscope reading. I recommend to consult BK ASTRO.. I have got the remedies/parikaaram recommendations for my problems. I will have to try those and will write a brief review after few months.
Karthi keyanKarthi keyan
07:58 05 Mar 24
I have met Mr Thirupathi Raja sir a week ago and i am completely impressed with his predictions about my life and he clearly explained my character and how my through process would be. From my heart i felt the info whatever he shared is true & it happened in my real life. Most importantly he also provided a remedy to overcome all the challenges for my future growth. I would strongly recommend him to my friends and relatives.
01:08 04 Mar 24
Mr. I am satisfied to have met Tirupati Raja. They told us to visit the temples in whatever way we can to solve the problems.Thank you sir.
Mullagur RangasamyMullagur Rangasamy
20:10 03 Mar 24
We liked the way sir explained and also suggested simple remedies to be done for a better future. Sir explains the planetary positions in our chart and helps us understand our personalities and how we could follow simple instructions given by Sir to better ourselves. We Thankyou Sir wholeheartedly.🙏
Rajeskumar PandiduraiRajeskumar Pandidurai
08:29 03 Mar 24
Shreelekha.S. ChandarShreelekha.S. Chandar
07:25 27 Feb 24
Sir is very knowledgeable in astrology and palm reading. In the online consultation, sir made several statements of my nature and my past which were accurate. He also provided with parigarams and predictions of the future. Judging the nature of the individual, sir suggested suitable and practical ways to make best use of the planetary positions. Sir patiently explained and cleared all our doubts. Getting an appointment was easy as sir's assistant mam was also very friendly and approachable. May the good service continue for the betterment of humanity and mankind. 🙏
Sandhya NSandhya N
11:45 25 Feb 24
I had a session with sir last week over phone. The appointment booking is very smooth and hassle free It was a great session. His predictions about my past and current situations were accurate. During the consultation he imbibed positive thoughts in us. He advised with simple remedies by visiting temples. I wish I could meet him soon in person, thanks sir
Venu GopalVenu Gopal
08:12 25 Feb 24
It was a really great session with sir...all the prediction were accurate..he spreads his positivity to his clients and gives solution for the problems. He explains everything very clearly and makes you understand the lack in your profile and guides to resolve the hurdle which you are currently facing..very much happy with the service provided by him.He predicts your whole history by just knowing your birth time and place and doesn't asks for any of your information.. impressively all the prediction made were very clear and accurate. Got clarity in how to proceed further in life. The place is also filled with positive energy which gives an additional boost.Thank you very much sir !
Anish KumarAnish Kumar
16:06 09 Feb 24
It was an amazing experience.All the the prediction about my past was 100% accurate. My future also predicted based on my birth time.. All the predictions given lot of positive energy to go forward in my life and the solutions for the obstacles can come on the way of further journey in my life..All the solutions are very simple and any one can do without any additional expenses it shows his passion in his profession and it's a great help for the poor people in our society.With his suggestion I started doing new business in my career..Earlier I consulted so many astrologers but the experience with Raja sir was mind blowing and it removed all the fears in my thoughts with simple solutions..Thank you so much for the support 🙏

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